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Illarion - Carve yourself a new life

Illarion is an on­line game where genu­ine role playing is en­forced. The main design prin­ciple is a fo­cus on the in­ter­ac­tion with other play­ers. All the player char­ac­ters you will en­counter dur­ing your time here are liv­ing, breath­ing in­hab­it­ants of the mys­ter­i­ous world of Illarion. Each char­ac­ter has its own past, goals, strengths, flaws and per­son­al­ity. Ex­per­i­ence glor­i­ous ad­ven­tures as noble knight or live the life of a hard­work­ing crafts­man, ac­quis­it­ive mer­chant or cha­ris­matic priest of the gods.

Illarion - What role will you play? Down­load now and start your ad­ven­ture!

The World Illarion

A ma­ture high fantasy set­ting where elves meet orcs is placed in a per­sist­ent, open world with tan­gible lore. Six­teen gods are wor­shipped by the cit­izens of three fac­tions. Noble Cadomyr, wealthy Gal­mair or wise Runewick - whose side will you join?

Your Adventure

The de­cisions you take will im­pact and shape the world around you. Your ac­tions will de­term­ine the events that one day fill the pages of Illarion's his­tory books. Im­merse your­self and let your char­ac­ter be­come what you want.

Free and open source

Illarion is free to play without any cost. The game is run by a non-profit or­gan­isa­tion and is main­tained by a staff of highly mo­tiv­ated vo­lun­teers without fin­an­cial re­im­burse­ment. The cli­ent, server and game code is open source and re­leased un­der the li­cences GPLv3 and AG­PLv3.

No limits

Your char­ac­ter won't be locked in­side a fixed class design like most MMOR­PGs do. You'll be able to sculpt your own char­ac­ter and its des­tiny is lim­ited only by your choices, ima­gin­a­tion, and game rules. The game fea­tures a skill-based lev­el­ling sys­tem, al­low­ing play­ers to com­pel their own unique gam­ing ex­per­i­ence.

Immersive mechanics

The game mech­an­ics em­ployed keep the bal­ance between com­plex­ity, in­nov­a­tion and mo­tiv­a­tion of play­ers. Illarion shows a clas­sic, slow-paced game­play with iso­met­ric retro graph­ics while still us­ing mod­ern tech­no­lo­gies.

For further information and help, please join our Discord server!

Install instructions

To play, register at https://illarion.org/community/account/us_register.php and download the client (below), before creating your first character.


Windows (32-Bit) - All versions 42 MB
Windows (64-Bit) - All versions 46 MB
MacOS X - All versions 49 MB
Linux DEB (32-Bit) - Debian, Ubuntu, Mint etc. 79 MB
Linux DEB (64-Bit) - Debian, Ubuntu, Mint etc. 77 MB
Linux RPM (32-Bit) - Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat etc. 89 MB
Linux RPM (64-Bit) - Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat etc. 86 MB
Linux (32-Bit) - Other Linux distributions 83 MB
Linux (64-Bit) - Other Linux distributions 80 MB


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I installed the Linux .deb file, ran it and it works until the character screen. You hit play and it asks you to make a character...with no option to do so? What am I missing here, really unclear.

You are fully right! It is unclear how to create a character if you downloaded the game from a site like itch.io. You need to register at https://illarion.org/community/account/us_register.php first. On that website, you can also create your character.

I did register for an account, didn't see any option to make a character. Can't log back in, as apparently my login is wrong even though it was saved in a password manager when made...

You should have received an email to confirm your email. Please check also your spam folder as such activation emails tend to get tagged as spam.

This does have the potential to be a very good game but it's strengths are also it's weaknesses.

It is great that there are no limits but without limits it is hard to be relevant.

Everyone can be a top fighter... Everyone can also be a master craftsman and gatherer and magician and explorer.

Everyone can do pretty much everything which means that those at lower levels are irrelevant to those at higher levels (i.e. the ones with money).

With that said, the development of this game is fairly active and the players that do play really care about the game.

Thank you for showing points that need to be improved. We have discussed the topics brought up by you and also ran a profound analysis of player inventories. If you pass by our discord server (https://discord.gg/yj3htPN), please send me a message @Estralis so we can discuss directly what you would improve and how.

Thats from beore indie-games were cool!
I have seen this game different stages of developement, and they managed to mantain awesomeness since the early starting years of the game, thanks to a very strong and caring staff team, that genuinly cares for Roleplay and caters for that, first!

Merci :-)

I got this error:

[EDIT]: Fixed by running the file from the file location, instead of the itch client

Thank you for reporting!

So excited to play this game! Looks great.

Good to hear! We're looking forward to have you in the game. If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/yj3htPN